Meet the crew

Surfer: Liane Wild

Age: 59

Started Surfing: 54

Why are you excited about being part of Taking Off?

I am excited beyond words to be able to share my story around surfing and how it has helped shaped my world – mentally, physically, emotionally….if that touches the heart of even just one other woman and inspires her to do something that lifts her soul then I have achieved why I agreed to do this…🙏🏼💕

Surfer: Brenda Samosa

Age: 64

Started Surfing: 58

Why are you excited about being part of Taking Off?

I’m exited because I have been invited to be a part of something very special. To think that I might, in some small way get to encourage someone else to take a chance and step out side the box.

Surfer: Margaret Cummins

Started Surfing: 69

Age: 72

Why are you so excited about being in Taking Off?

I am excited to be part of Taking Off Doco as it’s an opportunity to share with women of all ages that they are never too old to follow their dreams. Surfing was basically denied to me when growing up so when at the age of 69 the opportunity arose for me to take up surfing I jumped at it.

Surfer: Yvonne Curtis

Age: 67

Started Surfing: 64

Why are you happy to be part of Taking Off?

I’m so excited to show other “older” women that nothing is beyond them. Highlighting our community of strong female support, at times of adversity.
Plus it’s just super exciting 😘🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️

Jennifer Jefferies

Surfer: Leanne Whitehouse

Started Surfing: 55

Age: 52

Why are you so excited about being in Taking Off?

I am excited about being part of this project because this crew has accepted me for all the challenges go through just to get out of bed and get to the surf. If I can inspire people with disabilities to have a go it will be so worthwhile.

Director of Music: Danny Mann

Why are you excited to be part of Taking Off?
I am truely excited to be working on a film which incorporates my biggest passions. Writing / creating music, surfing and film yet also has a story which has always inspired me which is seeing the lovely ladies in my community surf as a crew in my hometown and seeing them head to other breaks as a group up and down the coast having the most fun!

Some are intermediate some absolutely rip on short boards. They are all inspiring and now that I have my own little grom Maggie it make me proud to be a part of spreading these vibes and hopefully she will take up surfing and continue this movement with her generation

Director of Photography:  Hannah Jessup

Started Surfing: 31

Age:  34

Why are you excited to be a part of Taking Off?

I’m honoured to be a part of bringing ‘Taking Off Tales of Older Women Who Surf’ to life.

When I talk to people who do not surf, the most common response seems to be “I’m too old to start”. These incredible women are showing us that age is not a barrier or an excuse not to try something you are passionate about.

I hope that the right people hear their stories, and are inspired to get out of their comfort zones and fall in love with the surfing way of life.

Surfer: Alice MacKinnon

Age: 60

Started Surfing: 46

Why are you excited about being part of Taking Off?

I’m excited to be in this amazing project because it’s such an honour to help tell our generation’s surfing stories. We’re such an overlooked cohort of surfers and we’ve worked so hard to find our place in the water and in the lineup. We might be reclaiming our surfing dreams later in life, but we are totally frothing with the joy of it all

Jennifer Jefferies
Jennifer Jefferies

Producer: Jennifer Jefferies

Started Surfing: 55

Age: 61

Why are you excited about being part of Taking Off?

Since we first started talking about creating a doco of older women surfing, I have been lit up. So many extraordinary women and stories. The most exciting part is having women all over the world be inspired from this doco, to have a go at any of their dreams… no matter their age.